After 9 incredible years, we've decided to close shop and pursue new opportunities. Here are some of our highlights.

100 million users. 10 million fans.

We had the pleasure of creating over 200 social apps. Most of them failed. A few went super-viral.

Social Interview

52 million users

Social Interview enabled users to answer questions about their friends. It was designed to promote a culture of encouragement among young people.

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The LOL Cam

21 million users

The LOL Cam was a web-based alternative to popular photo-taking apps like PhotoBooth. In many ways, it was an early version of Instagram.

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Social Games

18 million users

Our social games platform made it easy to play hundreds of casual flash games competitively with friends, without leaving Facebook.

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Featured Apps

10 million users

Featured Apps made it easy for users to discover trending apps used by their friends.

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50+ branded campaigns

We worked with 50+ major brands to create interactive social experiences for our users.

5 spinoff companies

We've always promoted an entrepreneurial culture, and we celebrate these awesome spinoffs:

One amazing team

We're so grateful for everyone who worked with us over the years. Here's the gang on our final team trip to Dubai, before we close shop.